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Why Small Businesses Love Freelance Marketers

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

Effective marketing is crucial for the success of any small business, but that doesn’t mean you have to spend top dollar. Many small businesses can attest to minimal budget and lack of resources to maintain an in-house marketing team. That's where freelance marketers come in to fill that team-sized marketing gap on a shoe-string budget.

Here are four of the many reasons why small businesses love freelance marketers.

One. Freelance Marketers Are Cost-Effective.

Hiring a freelance marketer allows small businesses to access great marketing talent without worrying about expensive employee benefits, and time and costs of training, or long-term commitments. Freelance marketers will typically work on an hourly rate or project basis. If you enjoy working with your freelance marketer after the first project, you can hire them again!

Two. Freelance Marketers Offer Budget Flexibility.

Freelance marketers offer the ability for businesses to use their marketing budget wisely, hiring for long and short-term projects when needed. This is especially convenient for small businesses whose marketing needs fluctuate, and marketing strategies are ever-pivoting.

Hiring a freelance marketer for recurring marketing tasks is another way to keep your marketing active while staying within your budget. Such tasks include managing the weekly blog post, the monthly newsletter, or bi-weekly marketing emails.

Three. Freelance Marketers Have Diverse Expertise.

The freelance marketer you hire is likely working with multiple clients of various industries. This unique position and exposure allows freelance marketers a wealth of knowledge and fresh perspective that can translate to unique marketing ideas for each of their clients.

Four. Freelance Marketers are Focused and Dedicated.

Freelance marketers are running their own business, and therefore take full ownership of their work and relationship with each client. Freelancers offer entrepreneurial drive and dedication, and will develop a strong relationship with you in order to continue growing their business and continue working with you on future projects.

So, if you're a small business owner looking to affordably boost your marketing efforts, consider the convenience of a freelance marketer. You might love it!

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