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Affordable Marketing: 3 Steps to Boost Your Brand on a Budget

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

To the entrepreneurs, the start-up enthusiasts, small business builders, and self-employed go-getters:

Do you look at your marketing budget and feel there’s nothing you can do to boost your brand this quarter? Well, you don’t need to spend a certain percentage of your revenue or find the resources to hire a full-time marketing team to keep your brand on the map.

With a little bit of research and website sprucing, you can increase your brand recognition and generate new, natural leads all without crossing your fingers that an uncomfortable price tag will get you your desired return on investment.

Here are 3 steps to boost your brand on a budget.

ONE. Learn Your Keywords.

You are doing this every day when you interact with your market. Take note of the language your audience is using when talking about or searching for your product. The most frequently used terms and phrases surrounding your products, services, or industry are your ticket to attention.

These terms and phrases are your ‘keywords’. The more specific you get, the less competition you’ll have when your audience turns to a search engine to begin their buyer journey.

TWO. Optimize Your Website.

The new keywords and phrases you’ve identified should be present throughout your website, on each page where appropriate, and throughout your social channels. But don’t overdo it! Too much repetition can cause search engines to see your website as inauthentic and therefore rank lower in search results.

THREE. Create Content.

Find out what questions, concerns, and hot topics are circulating in your niche. Blogs, monthly newsletters, and social shares that discuss such relevant topics will get you seen as a ‘thought leader’(i.e. expert) in your industry and attract those looking for answers or solutions to you. This content will then serve a dual, powerful purpose as a host for your keywords! House these keyword-loaded blogs and newsletters on your website to keep the new traffic comin’.

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